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Al Domiaty For Dairy Products

Made in damietta with Passion

Company History

Aldomiaty for Dairy products Company was established in 2000 in Damietta, where it began to produce two types of cheese, reaching 40 types of different foods and weights of high quality and natural cheese products 100% “vegetarian fat” suitable for all tastes and needs. On the certificates of ISO9001-2015 ,ISO 22000-2018 ,ISO 45001-2018 ,HALAL . And we strive to complete the course of success, which lasted 20 years, and started with two distribution cars only, until it reached a fleet of distribution cars serving all parts of Egypt. Proud of our belonging to Damietta, Damietta cheese is a symbol of Damietta’s distinction of cheese, hoping to be a small part of the food of its good people and all the people of Egypt. We started from scratch and went through many challenges from the beginning, but our passion for providing healthy, rich and authentic Egyptian cheeses drove everything. For the sake of our vision, we take every opportunity to develop our products, from preserving the naturalness of the milk used through the newest methods” in manufacturing and packaging, to offer you a partner for your whole day.

تطور شعار الدمياطي من عام ٢٠٠٠ حتى عام ٢٠٢١


  • To Provide our customers and consumers in the Middle East and Africa
    High quality cheese products that suit their needs
  • Modernizing production lines while adhering to the traditional taste and adding new production lines
  • Always Maintaining Our products
  • Obtaining a product that is healthy and safe to satisfy all customers
    We work to provide a healthy and stimulating work environment


To be a pioneer in the cheese industry in the Middle East and the continent of Africa by spreading the distribution of products throughout Egypt and exhibitions at the international level

And to provide consumers with high-quality and valuable products, and we will achieve this by employing the most efficient human cadres and maintaining the values ​​on which the company was based from the beginning, leading to the satisfaction of our customers.

1- We employ the most efficient human cadres in all positions

2- We develop our human cadres through continuous training programs and continuous guidance

3- We encourage and reward individual innovation, personal initiative and the ability to take ownership

4- We encourage cooperation between different company departments

5- We develop our understanding of the consumer and his needs

6- We develop strategies and plans that secure our leadership in the competition race

7- To develop strong and continuous relationships with our customers and suppliers

8- The principles of total quality are our approach to achieving continuous improvement in everything we do


A company is its employees and the core values by which they live
The initiative

We encourage and reward proposals that develop and improve work within the department or other departments


We believe in cooperation between departments or people to achieve projects or goals, regardless of the department or person who owns the project or goal

Seriousness and commitment

We believe in seriousness and commitment in all our behavior patterns and everything related to achieving the company’s goals

Renewal and innovation

We believe in continuous development in our performance and goals through renewal and innovation in the development of the human element, equipment, products and management methods in order to excel in achieving the desires of our customers


We believe in self-respect and respect the opinions and experiences of others


We believe in self-confidence and the experiences of colleagues at all levels of management. We also believe in trust in customers and consumers. We believe that people’s performance improves when there is mutual trust.


We all have leadership within our sphere of responsibility, with a deep commitment to achieving leadership results. We have a clear vision of our future visions. We focus our resources to achieve leadership and strategic goals

Community participation

  • Aldomiaty sponsors handball in the Future Club.. February 2021
  • Factory school trips (school visits)
  • Monthly deals with charities in Damietta
  • Tasting campaigns for clubs and tourist villages are types of community engagement and customer engagement (customer experience).